Hi, I'm Candace. I am a transformational sales coach for entrepreneurs who desire to make selling more effective, efficient, and fun. I help coaches truly master the art and science of selling.

This private coaching container is for coaches that want to attract high-end clients, improve their sales abilities, bridge the gap between their business experience and their lifestyle, and activate their next-level income from a place of abundance and leadership.

My core coaching value is centered around
#theafraiddontgetpaid. I want you to boldly sell, leave your mark on the world, and love your lifestyle, all while earning what you desire.

Our time together will support you in designing your profitable and purpose-driven business to support and activate your dream lifestyle.

I help you achieve this through a unique approach to coaching, my Bold and Activated framework, and access to my signature sales program, Direct Message To Profit.

The Pillars Of My Private Coaching

Client and Business Experience

Elevating the way you coach and how you run a business. Together, we will work on creating better coaching techniques and frameworks to support your clients in getting even better results.

-Do you worry about being too harsh and hurting your client's feelings?

-Does the thought of "how can I get my client's better results?" Keep you up at night?

-Do you sometimes freak out over negative client feedback and wish you could stop feeling bad about yourself or your business?

-Do you ever face tough client situations (defaults, copying, clients struggling to show up, etc) and wonder how to properly navigate them without overstepping your boundaries?

-Do you sometimes find yourself overcompensating or overdelivering out of fear of losing clients, not being a good enough coach, or getting a bad reputation?

Transformational Sales Coaching

Deepening your discernment and emotional intelligence within sales. So that you master selling more effectively and efficiently within your coaching business.

-Are you tired of constantly thinking about your content marketing and wonder if it's good enough?

-Do you wish you could deepen your ability to stand out through your marketing without having to spend hours on social media or compromise your values?

-Are you currently closing most of your sales, but know that you could deepen your knowledge of selling and become even more effective at your craft?

-Do you agree that the key to raising your rates and enrolling more clients lies in your ability to create an even deeper connection with your ideal clients?

-Would you agree that if you could deepen your ability to understand the art and science of selling that you would be more confident in closing more ideal clients right now?

Internal Confidence and Embodiment

Enhancing bold selling by confidently putting yourself at the front and center of your brand. You will learn how to attract premium clients at a premium price tag.

-Do you worry about being too pushy during the sales process even though you know how to sell?

  • -Do you shy away from marketing yourself on live video because you're afraid you won't properly articulate your value?
  • -Would you agree that you're missing out on enrolling high-end clients because of your current self-confidence around selling?
  • -Are you ready to become even more visible by getting bolder in your content marketing because you know that's how you're going to transform more lives?
  • -Do you desire to elevate your mindset and belief in being a coach who makes a lot of money?

What's Included In the Investment?

Your investment includes one 90 minute call with me per month, unlimited voxer messaging access, weekly direct feedback on your content (via private loom video), instant access to Direct Message To Profit, and an invitation to weekly, group coaching alongside my other private clients. 

How Long Is The Coaching Commitment?

The initial coaching contract is 6 months. You will have an option to resign for 6 months or 8 months.

What Happens Once I Invest?

After the contract and payment are received, you will get access to Direct Message To Profit, an email containing the information to book your first call 90-minute call, and immediate access to voxer to start our coaching.

Tell Me More About Your Coaching Style and Expectations.

My coaching style is loving but direct. I strike a balance between focusing on mindset, life coaching, and practical business strategies to keep you progressing. Because you are already a high-achieving CEO, I will treat you like one. This means I will teach you how to elevate your critical thinking and deepen your ability to trust your own judgment. We will laugh, have a lot of fun, get down to business, and we might even shed a tear to two.

A Word From Your Future Coach

I firmly believe you already are an expert in what you do and our time together will be nothing short of life-changing. I can't wait to co-create and guide you to your next level of success.



Apply To Private 1:1 Coaching Below

I will thoroughly review your application to identify your gaps and assess how I can support you in getting the results you desire. If you are a good fit, I will reach out to you to book a sales call. During the call, we will discuss your application and how I can support you. Please come present and prepared with all questions so that we can make the best use of our time together.