The $100K Negotiator Email Series

In this series, you will learn how to become a bold negotiator. These techniques will help you reduce sales objections, attract a higher number of qualified clients to your DMs, and generate $100k in your coaching business.

    Candace Chatman has turned her passion for serving others and monetizing her expertise into a successful coaching business.

    Coaching Experience
    Candace has coached women and men nationally and internationally. She was previously a Leadership Coach within Carly Fiorina's Unlocking Potential program. She mentored mid-level and senior-level professional women in areas of leadership development, self-awareness, and diversity and inclusion.

    Since then, she has founded several coaching programs that support clients in creating offers around their expertise and passion, elevating their communication skills, and selling directly on social media through connections and conversations.

    Sales Expertise
    Candace has partnered and worked for some of the largest technology companies in the areas of Sales and Marketing. Before she went full-time in her coaching business, she worked for one of the world's leading data analytics companies in B2B sales. She spearheaded the creation of their Events and Marketing business.

    Speaking Engagements
    Candace has been featured in CBS, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Fox, Chicago Weekly, etc. She has also spoken at local events sponsored by Visa and 3Pillar Global on various topics ranging from the advancement of women in technology to elevating personal branding and creating online businesses.